I created the Astroboy player character after completing X-Men:ROA. It was one of the first Quake2 player models created and remained one of the most downloaded Quake2 player models of all time.

This was the first real-time model I created with distinct fingers, so I made sure the animations made full use of them :)

I was never very happy with the texture, as the Quake2 palette had very few skin tones. I also created the model before I had learned much about UV mapping.

Download Astroboy

Cyberdemon 2000

I created the Cyberdemon from Doom2 as a player character for Quake2 almost a year after the Astroboy player model. By this time I had learned much more about UV mapping, and I gave myself a higher poly limit, so it is a far better model all around.

Download Cyberdemon 2000


Wildwing is a replacement for the Enforcer character from Quake. I created Wildwing during a break from X-Men:ROA while the publishing deal was being negotiated.

Download Wildwing